125+ Decent Speech Topics for a Great Presentation

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Public speaking has always been a technique to affect the target audience’s mindset and open new perspectives of at first glance trivial issues. Speeches are common in psychology, politics, education, and other numerous niches. The specs of the field, where public speaking takes place, make this instrument play always with new facets.

Whatever the purpose, field, or topic, the speech’s central function is to influence through sharing personal perspectives on a specific issue. The next actions, namely ideas generation, speech planning, etc, routinely are based on this intricacy. Figure out the specs of speech planning and opt for a stellar idea for your presentation!

What Is Speech Topics in Practice?

Your speech needs a central idea no matter if it is prepared in advance or not. If you lack time to formulate a topic thoroughly, you should concisely explain the subject to your audience, who is the major critic of your presentation.

A speech idea implies the purpose or focus of the discussion. You should not get further off the fundamental thought while speaking. Even slight digressions should be coherent with the main point. The public presentation topic meets the audience’s and speaker’s interests and motivates them to explore new perspectives on the issue.

Proven Solutions for How to Select Good Speech Topics

Audience engagement can be minimal in the individuals’ public presentations. Nevertheless, the mental connection quality between the listeners and speakers is a paramount measure of speech success. How to impress the audience and show your strengths? Select an appropriate topic!

  • Discover your listeners’ background.
  • Consider the format, location, and other intricacies of your public speaking.
  • Thoroughly research a few subjects within your competence or interest.
  • Analyse the added value of and potential benefits of each speech topic.
  • Brainstorm the potential topics and opt for the most suitable one.

Seeking a balance between your interests and your audience’s background is essential to pick an effective idea for public speaking. Put aside boring topics about unpopular issues.

Unique Speech Topics for Students

  1. Sharpening the problem of the division of household chores.
  2. Ethics in educational institutions.
  3. Limitations are not equal to discipline.
  4. Environmental impact on the living creatures’ development.
  5. Introverts and extroverts: Who succeeds in life?
  6. Trend toward self-knowledge and major obstacles to attain the desired outcome.
  7. Plant products in daily diet.
  8. The balance between discipline and motivation in gaining new knowledge.
  9. Habits and obstacles they can bring to the body’s adaptation to changing circumstances.
  10. Searching for places where ideas are generated.
  11. The cruciality of defining the body signals.
  12. The unpopular techniques of fruitful negotiations.
  13. Methods of honing the creative writing talent.
  14. Spiritual practices are a new stage in influencing the consciousness.
  15. Mindset and its background.
  16. Seeking a purpose in life amidst the digital world.
  17. The narratives of mass media disinformation and propaganda distort the image of the current situation.
  18. Misconceptions about online professions lead to a drop in the popularity of conventional jobs.
  19. Following the interests while seeking a profession is a win-win option.
  20. The skill of the concise expression of the thoughts: Reasons to hone it while a student.
  21. The impact of consistent listening to nature sounds on the human organism.
  22. Specs of the brain’s work after listening to classical music.
  23. Methods of generating working ideas.
  24. Happiness and its hidden effects on the human organs.
  25. Living standards and their influence on human motivation.

Interesting Speech Topics

  1. How to make a discussion productive and meaningful?
  2. The origin of arguments and methods of their prevention.
  3. The most dynamic information sectors and their progress in the next decade.
  4. Methods of identifying the person’s emotional intelligence.
  5. Procrastination and its consequences on brain activity.
  6. Rapid urbanisation because of technological advances.
  7. Impact of noise pollution on the world economy.
  8. Obstacles are the points where a person faces their fears.
  9. Mistakes open new horizons of career opportunities.
  10. Existential nature of anxiety and methods of minimizing emotional stress.
  11. The power of thought and awareness.
  12. Reality starts with the brain realistically analysing opportunities.
  13. Free choice of subjects creates more room for developing talents.
  14. Consistent actions are the only path to success.
  15. Practical techniques for overcoming laziness without stress.
  16. Respecting personal boundaries without interfering with others’ lives.
  17. The future of language upgrading.
  18. Tolerance for one’s selfishness is the measure of self-love.
  19. Extracurricular activities are effective in boosting students’ practical knowledge.
  20. The role of procrastination in the process of searching oneself.
  21. The interrelation of emotional and mental intelligence in the modern context.
  22. Conventional educational systems do not keep abreast of the time.
  23. The milestones in space exploration and their implications.
  24. Self-determination in the system of online communication.
  25. Natural resources exhaustion: Manipulating people with fears.

GCSE Speech Topics

  1. The cruciality of technological advances in education.
  2. The aftermath of digitalization lies in interfering with people’s privacy.
  3. The positive effects of active leisure on the human hormonal system.
  4. Practical ways to overcome constant fatigue.
  5. Where does the body energy go when a person does not live sticking to their destiny?
  6. The globalization trend of consumerism in economies with diverse development levels.
  7. Long-term focus on education is impossible without a clear objective.
  8. Dependence of an individual’s consumption habits on their income levels.
  9. Unspecified drawbacks of artificially cultivated foods.
  10. A science without a subject: The creative perspective of mathematics.
  11. Manipulation with the sun radiation issue in the beauty industry.
  12. Levels of countries’ indifference to the scale of the industrial pollution on their territories and potential short-term environmental consequences.
  13. Imposed beauty standards as a part of the global cosmetology business.
  14. Roots of the teenagers’ hidden aggression.
  15. Could a harmonious model of education be developed nowadays?
  16. Impact of the student’s atmosphere at home on their academic performance.
  17. Respect for natural resources is crucial for maintaining the planet’s ecosystem for as long as possible.
  18. How do different school levels lay the foundation for learner’s career prospects?
  19. Lessons in financial literacy are a groundwork for future financial independence.
  20. How to hone the skill of distinguishing a truly quality product from a well-advertised one?
  21. The significance of filtering and analysing information in the age of disinformation.
  22. Where does the secret of breathing practices lie?
  23. What investments are the most crucial in life?
  24. Risks of highly diversified supply chains.
  25. Do the market distortions decrease the pace of technological progress or follow from the last one?

Controversial Speech Topics

  1. Outdated approach to assessing students’ performance: Potential solutions.
  2. Affordability of education throughout the globe: Should it be completely free?
  3. The value of financial literacy classes in secondary and high schools.
  4. Is homework still effective for fixing training material?
  5. Application of gadgets in classes: Controversy over its practicality.
  6. Hidden environmental impact of electric vehicle production.
  7. Who is primarily responsible for the ozone layer depletion?
  8. Could AI potentially turn into humanity’s opponent?
  9. Drug problem: Is it the consequence of increasing mental disorders or the result of propaganda?
  10. Is free speech normal if it includes hate towards others?
  11. Cross-cultural barriers to free self-expression.
  12. The issue of unequal salaries for employees with disabilities.
  13. Online vs offline signing of documents.
  14. Marathon running builds character.
  15. A living wage should consider human comfort.
  16. The genetic engineering gets out of hand.
  17. Should vaccination against life-threatening diseases be voluntary?
  18. What foods could cause cancers?
  19. Skin condition signals the level of vitamins in the body.
  20. Behaviour patterns depend on the society’s culture: Does it work in practice?
  21. Any military aggression should be considered a violation of human freedom.
  22. Immigrants’ impact on the economy’s welfare and expenses.
  23. Is it normal to hide information about your family income from others?
  24. Freedom of action or control over the children’s mass media content?
  25. Innovations require up-to-date governments.

Funny Speech Topics

  1. Interrelation between the person’s sense of humour and intelligence.
  2. Hierarchical specs of communication.
  3. The art of relaxation amidst the huge workload.
  4. Jokes are a method of settling a conflict.
  5. Avoiding disputes leads to a calm life.
  6. Could houseplants eavesdrop?
  7. Myths about the effectiveness of homework.
  8. Advertisements create specific patterns of consumer behaviour.
  9. The art of sleeping twelve hours: Could lack of sleep be compensated by such marathons?
  10. You are what music you listen to.
  11. Mediation is a practical manifestation of procrastination.
  12. The right strategy and lack of stress are paramount in negotiation.
  13. How does laughter influence human hormones?
  14. Do touch screens improve human sensory capabilities for better brain activity?
  15. Could smart contracts someday be signed with emoji?
  16. AI makes students feel less motivated to learn the material by heart.
  17. Technological progress is no longer amazing to humanity.
  18. What could impress a student’s mind?
  19. How do experts lower their level of anxiety?
  20. The psychology of the influence of authority figures on the human mindset.
  21. Why does the lack of control routinely lead to discipline?
  22. Brain activity at different locations: How does science explain that?
  23. Does loneliness exist for self-sufficient people?
  24. Are extracurricular activities the way to fill the free time or develop one’s hobbies?
  25. Magic techniques to fall asleep without the help of social networks.

Informative Speech Topics

  1. The evolution of eating habits in the rapid pace of life.
  2. The influence of income distribution between nations on their happiness rate.
  3. The nature and consequences of perfectionism.
  4. Healthy lifestyle trends and their positive effects on overcoming procrastination.
  5. The largest body organ and its high sensitivity to external stimuli.
  6. The definition and nature of willpower.
  7. Why can’t money be a life purpose according to psychologists?
  8. Daily routine is a step in the right direction to discipline.
  9. Psychological nature and other causative agents of apathy.
  10. The body’s natural reactions to uncertainty.
  11. The correlation between the nation’s welfare and the state and political structure.
  12. Techniques for conveying information effectively.
  13. Practical methods of boosting writing skills.
  14. Quest for new knowledge and its positive effects on brain activity.
  15. Historical background of conflicts between cultures.
  16. Methods of determining the appropriate child’s age for starting their education.
  17. Risks of AI solutions of economic issues without engaging real experts.
  18. Melting of glaciers and the crisis of drinking water.
  19. Sun radiation phenomena.
  20. The influence of the interior on the home atmosphere.
  21. Smart home appliances for effective life.
  22. How do extreme sports influence solutions?
  23. The importance of walking in the fresh air for people of all ages.
  24. Digital currencies in the growing economies.
  25. The phenomenon of Asian countries’ prosperity in the previous century.

Pick Stellar Speech Ideas for Your Audience

Speaking in public could be less challenging and nervous when you properly prepare and plan your presentation. Rely on our certified team and opt for their good topics for a speech. Glean ideas and apply for help from our top-notch authors!

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