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Royal Writer: Hundreds of Topics to Write About for an Essay

Are you struggling with topic selection and can’t figure out the right approach to writing? Our database of topics covers tons of prompts and topic suggestions for students at all academic levels. Find your academic discipline, scroll through the lists of themes and subjects, and you’re sure to spot many inspiring ideas and perspectives.

How to Choose an Essay Topic? 

Topic selection is one of the unexpected hurdles you may come across in the process of academic writing. It often happens that a professor doesn’t supply a concrete prompt and only gives broad topic suggestions from which students need to generate a topic and argument. Thus, you have to do extensive preparatory work and research before starting to write anything, as you will need to identify an interesting perspective and formulate a title for the essay.

Here are a couple of suggestions for choosing a workable topic that won’t cause you problems in the process of further writing:

  • Choose something of personal interest. It’s always much simpler to write about a subject of your concern, something that arouses your curiosity and makes you study materials and dig into the depths of the subject to uncover the truth. Therefore, picking a topic to which you relate personally is a great starting point for a simple, enjoyable academic writing process.
  • Select a well-researched subject. It’s pretty hard to argue a subject without reliable evidence. Therefore, we recommend double-checking whether your topic is highlighted in academic literature well, with enough evidence from trusted sources available to back up your points.
  • Use only debatable topics. You won’t receive a high grade for a self-obvious topic. For instance, saying that child abuse or animal testing is bad won’t make a strong argument; everybody knows that and agrees on that point. Thus, you should approach even self-obvious subjects from interesting angles and offer original arguments and perspectives on the issue.
  • Make sure it’s not too broad or too narrow. A broad topic will look superficial, and a narrow topic may not allow breadth of argumentation. Therefore, it is vital to scope the topic well enough to allow reasonable breadth and depth of insight into the topic.

We don’t know the personal and professional interests of every student visiting our resource, but we’ve gone the extra mile to collect topics that are easy to research and argue. All of them come with plenty of scholarly evidence in peer-reviewed publications, journals and books. They are scoped pretty well to give you the breadth of manoeuvre and a specific, in-depth focus at the same time. So, welcome to our topic database for quick topic identification and progression with your home tasks.

We Can Help You in Many Ways 

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