Writing Guidelines

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Essay writing is a skill that not every student can master quickly. There are many intricacies and peculiarities in the process, which may pose challenges to students at all study levels. If you’re one of struggling learners, our writing guides will surely be of much help. They contain detailed, step-by-step guidance on the mechanics of essay writing, covering all widespread essay types and other academic assignments. You may follow the guides to learn the basics of writing and expand your proficiency with tried and tested tips from writing professionals. Besides, we have a guide on the key essay components, their contents and essay structuring instructions for a hassle-free writing experience. 

How to Write an Essay? 

Essays are the most widespread academic assignment type, but you shouldn’t take them too lightly, as each of them comes with a set of unique characteristics and writing nuances. Therefore, having a hands-on guide in front of you can simplify the writing process manifold. First, you won’t need to analyse tons of conflicting evidence and recommendations online, as our guides condense the existing body of knowledge about every essay type in a manageable format. Second, you will have a comprehensive guide that is easy to follow in a step-by-step manner, freeing you from guesswork and mistakes. Third, you can learn from the experience of our seasoned writers and borrow from their rich, in-depth expertise to build your own professionalism in essay writing. 

Here are a couple of professional tips our authors give to student beginners: 

  • Leave the introduction until the last moment. Though an introduction is widely regarded as the starting point of the writing process, it makes sense to leave it until later. At least, many professional writers do exactly this way to allow themselves enough flexibility in writing. You may have all arguments and topics at your fingertips, but something may go wrong in the process – you may exceed the word count or fail to organise some arguments well enough. Thus, the final version of an essay may differ from the one you initially imagined, and your introduction will require a rewrite. Why waste your time on duplicate work? By postponing the introduction until the last moment, you guarantee that its content is perfectly in line with the body of your essay. 
  • One paragraph, one idea. Don’t mix several ideas in one paragraph; be guided by the topic sentence and dedicate all arguments and evidence in each section to the idea voiced in it. 
  • Use transitions mindfully. Ensure the right flow of ideas; the readers should understand it well whether you’re continuing one line or argument or giving a conflicting fact. 
  • Check all facts. There’s nothing worse than using dubious evidence and basing your argument on a wrong or biased fact. 

Our Writing Service Is Here to Help 

If you’ve studied the numerous guides available in our database and still feel you lack something for successful essay completion, it’s time to engage our essay writing service in the process. Send us a ‘write my essay’ request, and our managers will quickly connect you with a writer with relevant expertise to complete an essay on time and with due professionalism. We’re online 24/7, serving the needs of an international student base, so you will always get timely and competent support from seasoned experts.