Macbeth Ambition Essay
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Macbeth Ambition Essay ― What You Need to Know About the Main Character?

Macbeth is one of Shakespeare’s creations. It reveals the main character’s inner world and all his actions done for the sake of power. Diving into the essence and grasping the play’s central message may be challenging without deeply analyzing the text. If you are not a passionate reader and hesitate about the correctness of your ideas, you may turn to us with a ‘Do my essay!’ request or refer to some expert samples to grab some bright thoughts!

Few Words About Macbeth

The tragedy of William Shakespeare is a striking example of how damaging both physical and psychological ambitions can be and craving for power for a person and surrounding people. In the play, which can often be assigned to analyze in an essay about Macbeth, we follow the life path of Scottish general Macbeth, who received a prophecy from three witches about his future prosperity and King of Scotland title.

He killed Scottish King Duncan to gain power faster to satisfy his ambitions and reach his aims. What is interesting is that Macbeth followed the advice of his wife, Lady Macbeth, in the bloody place of obtaining kingship. Many people and guards who stood in the way of the throne, including Banquo, Macbeth’s friend and a general of Duncan’s army, were killed. After becoming obsessed with power, nothing could stop him. As a result, the bloodbath and upcoming civil war lead to the madness and death of Macbeth and his wife. This plot is often taken for analysis in Macbeth essay to reveal the essence of ambitions and their damaging results.

How to Showcase Ambitions in Macbeth Essay

It mainly associates with positive and goal-reaching character traits when discussing ambitious people. However, when writing Macbeth essay on ambition, it must be clearly distinguished that the main character turns the wrong way and uses his power to satisfy his ego.

During the five acts of the tragedy, Macbeth struggles with his obsessive idea of reigning. In the first act, we may observe that after winning the battle with Norway’s allied forces, Macbeth, a kingsman, was praised by King Duncan. Perhaps the chief event that encouraged Macbeth to do such cruel actions was a prediction of three witches that foretold his new titles and crowns. It was a pushing point that turned the previously skeptical man to become ambitious and decisive in what he did.

Not the last role in the transformation of Macbeth should be given to his wife, Lady Macbeth. She generated an idea to kill the king and, thus, facilitate the prediction realization. We may notice that it was not a single call for action. In addition, they jointly prepared a plan of killing and convincing chamberlains.

When you work on Macbeth essay on ambition, pay attention to the second act in which they realized their bloody intention and killed Dunkan. It was their first step toward reaching their ambitions at any cost. Even though Macbeth and his wife started healing voices and suffered from hallucinations, it did not stop them. Instead, while Macbet struggled with his fears and guilt, his wife stayed cold and decisive, insisting on keeping moving the same way.

In the middle of the play, we may see how ambitions take over sound mind and Macbeth when he asks murderers to kill his friend Banquo, who has a chance to become the next king. When you reveal devilish ambition in Macbeth essay, do not hesitate to mention that even understanding being on the wrong side, he would not stop saying there is no way back. Till the end of the play, it becomes obvious that he became a tyrant and despot manipulated by his wife. Nothing except death could stop them. That was the final part of the play.

How to Use Macbeth Example Essay

Today, we may also notice people obsessed with endless power and desire to prove their superiority over others. Unfortunately, persuading such a category of freaks with words is hard, and only life can drive a good lesson. However, Shakespeare’s tragedy provides us with food for thinking and analyzing the worthiness of our ambitions.

Teachers often assign papers on this topic, and you may find a Macbeth essay example for any taste on our site. Inspiring samples contain deep analysis of the events and help to understand the play’s message. If you need a professional from the best UK essay writing service, turn to us, and we will do our best to assist with challenging assignments.


When was Macbeth written?

The tragedy of William Shakespeare was first published in Folio in 1623. It is considered one of the shortest plays of Shakespeare. However, there are no distinct dates of playwriting. Until this time, scholars argued concerning the time when Shakespeare wrote his creation. The earliest assumptions of play issuing are 1599, but many investigators disagree, considering it was written no earlier than 1603. The majority of critics agree that 1606 is a year of play creation.

How does Shakespeare present ambition in Macbeth?

The effect of groundless predictions and political ambitions of Scottish general Macbeth, obsessed with power and kingship, not hesitating any methods. Reaching his aim of becoming the king of Scotland, he became more cruel and mad with his idea that is an answer, ‘How is ambition presented in Macbeth’s essay?’ And what they may result in.

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