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Engineering papers are usually printed on tan translucent or light green paper. They may have ten, five or four, squares per inch. The grid lines show through slightly to the front side because they are printed on the rear aspect of every page which has an unprinted border. When scanned, or photocopied or, the grid lines generally do not appear in the resultant copy hence giving the work uncluttered and neat appearance. Most professors require students to use these papers when doing their homework. Now, how do students use these papers? The following are the guidelines on how to use engineering papers.Only use the front side of the paper because the dark green grind should appear on the back.The header contains five boxes which should be used to print the following information starting from left to right;

  • In the first small box, put the staple for binding the paper.
  • In the second large box insert your full name or team leader followed by the members.
  • The third large box should contain section and course number.
  • The fourth large box should have the date of completion of the assignment.
  • Lastly, page number/ total page numbers are put in the fifth small box.

The papers should be printed carefully and legibly in block letters using pencil and not ink. Any straight line should be drawn using a straight or triangle-edged rule. The ruler should also help in reading figures and tables. Note that freehand straight lines and curves are not admitted.

All calculations should be;

  • Steady with units of each term in each equation.
  • Suitable number of significant figures for all results
  • The final solution should be clearly boxed with a rectangle.
  • Finally, the final answer should contain a symbol, value and a suitable unit.

The order of the problem should be offered using the order that was assigned. The new problem should be started at new page unless it may be completed in the remaining part without proceeding to the subsequent page. It should also be designated with the number from the professor or the textbook.

The solutions to the problem should contain the following issues;

  • The number of the homework problem should be listed at the beginning of the problem.
  • The given information to solve the problem should be included.
  • The required information that is being solved should appear in the paper.
  • There should be a straight-edge diagram illustrating the problem.
  • Include all the required steps and calculations of the solution to the problem.

You should evaluate the engineering paper to double check the calculations and confirm whether all equations, calculations, and units are correct with no errors.

Make sure that you staple all the assignments if the papers include more than one because lose papers are prohibited. In case your assignments are bulky for the staples use suitable binder clips. When submitting the paper, make sure the paper is not folded and should be as flat as 11×8.5.

Nowadays, everything is becoming paperless. Even the engineering papers are having adopted the paperless formats. Thus, in case you are using the computers to write you assignments, this is how you should do it.

  • Demonstrate sample calculations
  • Note that a spreadsheet print out should be accompanied with the formals to avoid guide

Below are sample engineering papers demonstrating how they should be used.

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