Dissertation Topics

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Those who face dissertation research need to resolve the first challenge – finding an appropriate subject worth a PhD-level inquiry. If you’re clueless about how this is done and what topic can match your field of academic interest, welcome to our database of dissertation topic samples.

How to Choose a Dissertation Topic? 

Choosing a dissertation topic is a strategically important step that can make or break your manuscript. If the topic is not too original, the professor may block it at later stages of the writing process, causing you much waste of time and effort. Therefore, it is vital to approach this PhD phase with enough rigour and attention to detail.

Here are some pro tips from our experts on how to select dissertation topics without too much headache:

  • Study the requirements. The PhD process usually follows a rigorous set of university requirements, which you simply can’t ignore. Therefore, it is vital to study all guides and prompts in detail before moving on to the actual research. Many issues you will identify may turn out to be irrelevant or deviate from the university’s expectations.
  • Look around. PhD studies are distinct from all other types of research because they have to deal with a relevant issue and offer tangible theoretical or practical value. Therefore, PhD research is your unique opportunity to approach a community issue, business problem or public sector pitfalls with a well-researched solution.
  • Spot a real problem. Research at the dissertation level should deal with real, actual problems and approach their solutions from a solid theoretical perspective. Therefore, you should identify a problem that really exists in your community or another location, offering valuable solutions based on your intellectual work.
  • Offer original insights. One of the key requirements for dissertation research is originality, which means that you shouldn’t just rewrite and rephrase the ideas of other scholars. There should always be an original contribution of you as a dissertation author and researcher, even if you use other theories and findings to build an argument.
  • Check whether your arguments are plausible. There’s no sense in offering solutions that can’t be implemented in practice. You should always tailor the argumentation to a specific context and the availability of community resources for resolving the issue.

Using our database of dissertation topics can simplify matters and help you land on the right subject much faster than your peers will do. These examples can serve as a blueprint for your topic’s formulation or inspire you on the ideas trending within your academic discipline. You can take general ideas and contextualise them depending on your location, sphere of interest or department’s requirements.

You Can Always Turn to Us for Help 

Thousands of students come to us with ‘do my essay’ requests, and the same goes for dissertation research. You can always turn to our professional essay writing service for dissertation assistance, as it’s one of the service spheres we’re ready to help you with. We have a separate team of PhD authors specialising in dissertation and thesis writing, so you can rely on their expertise and professionalism with your postgraduate project.

Dissertation Topics

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